It is the ability to voluntarily take care of your physical, psychological, and social health, to promote healthy lifestyles and environments. Taking care of yourself is your own responsibility that has repercussions on people’s health and quality of life. Have a space to pamper yourself, practice a hobby or a sport, go to a spa to relax, read a book while you enjoy yourself, a hot drink; spending time alone or with friends can be some of the activities necessary to live in harmony and well-being.


Life cannot only be based on speeding up work and taking care of the home, it is always necessary to have a SELF-CARE time. Taking care of yourself is asking yourself “what do I need?” And acting without procrastinating for “when I have time.” Thus, the first thing to understand is that self-care is something very personal and what is done to cultivate it depends on each of the particular needs and tastes.

When each one of us takes care of ourselves, we become aware of the body and its needs. What favors physical and mental health, promotes self-esteem, brings benefits in the medium and long term in maintaining health and preventing diseases.


Self-care is an attitude of respect and love towards oneself, which has a positive impact on the environment, family and community. Self-care routine ideas, which have great benefit for your health, only if you have previously identified your needs, and produces happiness, harmony and well-being in you.




When we love a person, we decide to love them, accept them as they are, help them grow, forgive them, and give ourselves for the benefit of that person. The same happens with self-love.

When you love yourself, you accept who you are, support your weaknesses, recognize your value and your importance in the world, allowing you to see yourself objectively.


It is not necessary to appeal or say phrases that you do not even know if they are true or not, but you must understand that it is necessary that you accept everything about yourself and that you decide this mature love.



° The value that the individual attributes to their person and their abilities.

° It is a way of thinking positively, a motivation to experience different perspectives on life, to face challenges, to feel and act, it implies that individuals accept, respect, trust and believe in themselves.

° The concept of self-esteem is related to the value and perception that a person has about themself and based on this, they will find a place among their peers.

° The amount of self-love that a person has is directly proportional to the degree of dignity that the same person possesses.

° Loving yourself is not selfish, nor sick, it is a fundamental feeling for your good emotional development.




Self-love is acceptance, respect, perceptions, value, positive thoughts, not from those around us or from the situations or contexts in which we operate. Entering a complex and painful process that, although it would not be easy at all, is necessary in order to grow and recover our emotional well-being.


A process in which the therapist acts as a guide and provides support to be able to rediscover ourselves and strengthen our self-esteem.


The lack of self-love is evident to a great extent when someone has strong feelings of insecurity, loneliness, fear, anger, envy, shame or guilt, because of that, they become people who do not know how to set limits, but allow emotional abuse, psychological and even physical in the most serious cases.


° Loving yourself most of the time is difficult and very painful.

° It is not linear nor are there steps to follow to “love yourself more”, the path is full of ups and downs, “normality”, tears, suffering, high peaks.

° Self-love is often knowing your shadows and fighting with it, crying, accepting and finally hugging. Self-love is also relapsing once more and finally realizing that you already knew it.

° Self-love is also getting away from someone or something or someone you love very much

° It is also self-love to cry, suffer, and relapse, leave, want to disappear, talk about things you do not want, not return, or to stay.



Before going to sleep, propose to have a great month putting your self-esteem and self-love as a priority, put yourself as a priority, let go of what hurts you, do not accept less than you deserve, choose your peace of mind and take self-love on your way.


When you don’t love yourself it shows, but when you love yourself it shows more! There is a lack of self-esteem and self-love, when you face situations where you don’t find the necessary strength to defend what belongs to you. And I’m not necessarily talking about an argument. The fear that others will get angry, exclude you or that they will make you feel less for defending your opinion leads you to accept what people say and while that happens at the same time it increases the feeling that your opinion is not important and what you defend, no one else will.


If you do not love yourself, you do not value your abilities or your efforts, however when you love yourself you do not have to pretend anything, you defend your point of view in an assertive way and it shows by being yourself. Self-love … Loving yourself directly implies treating yourself with love and not sabotaging yourself with negative thoughts. To achieve this you have to know yourself very well and work on self-esteem. Knowing oneself well means working on self-discovery, knowing what our weaknesses and strengths are, knowing our own emotions and channeling them.




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