People Who Truly Disregard Mental Health

Not everyone believes in Mental Health

Some people simply judge those who are different, who face difficulties, who are not “normal,” or who are intellectually or emotionally less developed, falling below society’ standards of “normality.” Some people even resort to using words like “retard,” “nutcase,” and “mental.” There really are people who refuse to acknowledge mental health and prefer to stand on a high pedestal, where they point their finger of divine judgement at those whom they deem to be inferior.

To these people, we are undesireables, because in their eyes, they are perfectly sound and sane, and their life is superior to ours. To them, people are either normal or not normal; people either comform to their standards or they are regarded as losers and lost causes. Such people will not hear us out, they will not try to understand, they believe they know everything there is to know, and their opinion is objective and factual.

So how do you deal with people who refuse to accept your mental health as a truth? What is there to do? The answer is… there is nothing to do. Quite frankly, people who actively and profusely refuse to acknowledge and recognize mental health are not going to change their opinion of you. Attempting to do is an act that will further damage your wellbeing, waste your energy, and end up in further frustration. Let us instead look at better ways to focus our battle with mental illnesses.

You can’t force people to change their opinion, and you can’t make them see things differently. Only they will find it within themselves to open their mind and adopt other viewpoints. But if you are reading this blog, it’s probably because there is somebody in your life that you have a conflict with in regards to your mental health. It could be a relative, a colleague, or a teacher who constantly judges you and makes you feel like you are less than them. You may want to put a stop to the way they treat you or talk about you.

But here’s the rub: the one who wins in the end is the one who keeps their composure and wasted less energy in the conflict. Truly, the loser here is the one who wastes away all their emotional energy into the conflict, who stoops to depths that make them look like the bad guy. Do you want to be that bad guy?

Let’s be the good guys. The best we can do is focus on ourselves. Find the people closest to you, whom you trust and rely on, and discuss what is bothering you. If you want some tips on how you can begin the mental health conversation, you can read our other blog here. The people you are close with will support you and listen to you, and it is very important to hear what they have to say. The next step you should take is to seek out an expert, such as a psychologist or psychotherarpist.

Let’s be the good guys. The best we can do is focus on ourselves.

Do what you do best in your life. Be the person that you are, not whoever others want you to be. By focusing on all the support you have around you, you will improve your mental health, live a more prosperous life, increase your productivity and ability to succeed. Then, when you have achieved success in your endeavours, you will notice that those negative people who used to judge you and deny your mental health will see with incredulous eyes that you managed to break through all your barriers and achieved your goals. Though their opinion might not change, they will have nothing left to say to you, when they clearly see that you have gained the respect of people and put yourself in a hard-earned pedestal.

You are not your mental health. Your mental health does not define you. And anyone who judges your mental health will look quite silly when they see you succeed regardless of what they think.

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Written by Bati Cruz

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