Metamigo is your new digital ambassador. It is a revolutionary app that will do all the talking for you when you network. With this app you can create your 3D avatar and with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology, it will speak on your behalf, answering all the questions you normally get from people you network with.

What is the benefit of Metamigo?

No more business cards or convoluted profiles explaining what your services are. No more having to write bios to describe who you are. No need to repeat yourself to everyone who asks. Metamigo is your personal digital ambassador. With voice recognition technology, people can ask your digital avatar questions that it will be capable of answering. “When are you available?” “What are your services?” “What are your rates.”

Metamigo will also be able to update itself in real time every time you post on social media, with your permission. Photos from last night’s gig? Give Metamigo permission and it will it pull it up on its display. 

Tap phones to Network

When you meet a new person and you want to network, simply open up the Metamigo App and tell the other person to tap. Then, the app will open on their phone with your personal avatar and they’ll be able to intereact with it.

What's powering this app?

We are working with the developer company WIZTECNOSOFT based in India who will be helping us develop this wonderful app and all the technology behind it. They have all the technical capacity to develop and power Metamigo.

The 3D graphics to create the digital avatars will be rendered and animated in Utility  3D.

And the technology that will power the interactive ability to tap phones to transfer the app is thanks to the Tappco Software.


We’ll be honest, this app is not possible without funding. And while we have all the right people behind it, we need help with raising the money to make this technology possible. 

So we are asking for your support. And we have two ways you can help us.

  1. Donate however much you are comfortable to our PayPal
  2. Become a Stakeholder

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But here is what you will get for supporting us with either option. As a sign of gratitude, we will give you first access to download the App before we officially launch it. And while we are developing it, we will create your 3D digital avatar. 

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